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Our Mission

SreeVee Americas, founded in 2009, is a innovative solution provider that works extensively in multiple industries. With offices in India and USA, SreeVee Americas is constantly working towards its global mission - of combining the finest of the ideas with the latest technology.

The company aims to develop different proprietary coatings for different substrates like paper & hydrocarbon based products that improves the performance of the product in barrier capabilities, sealing strength, and recycling ability. The company engages in distribution of different substrates such as coated paper, boards and high performance material. These material are distributed in Asian continent. The team at SreeVee is closely associated with reputed institutions like Rice University, Houston TX and Delhi University, India

A core mission at SreeVee is to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment. Hence our technological solutions often revolve around this principle. Contributing to society, the company works with different under privileged and challenged cross-sections of the society in helping them for improved life. The trust undertakes various fund raising initiatives across the continents to contribute towards noble causes.

A one-of-a-kind woman owned enterprise, SreeVee has been in the forefront of new emerging ideas   


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