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Dr. Srividya Sridhar

Srividya Sridhar is the President of Sreevee Americas Inc. since 2016.  With her Ph.D in Nanoscience, SreeVee Americas offers excellent consulting services in the areas of testing of different engineering material and high performance substrates/laminates. 

Having been a visiting scholar at Rice University for four years, she provides rich insight and consulting services to wide cross section of customers in areas like defining product specs and developing Material Safely Data Sheet (MSDS) for engineered substrates.  Her presentation skills both at national and international level help in broadening the customer data base from different parts of the globe. 

Though she graduated in Physics with honors, she changed her field to Nanoscience during her Ph.D.  This spirit of changing the domain based on evolving opportunities allows her to evaluate various new initiatives such as venturing into the eco-friendly products made out of natural products like tapioca starch granules, sugarcane etc. These products further help reduce the carbon footprint and stand as testimony to the firm’s success in developing new engineering solutions.  Her publications in high impact American Scientific Journals like ACS Nano and ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces have helped her to look into minute/specific details about different products. 


Her mission is to make SreeVee Americas Inc., a well renowned company across the globe in the field of developing products that are eco-friendly and improve quality of living.


Srivdya Sridhar can be reached at

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